About Us

Welcome to the website of the Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon. TheĀ RCML is over 60 members strong, and we represent concerned Republican men and women from every ward and district in Mt. Lebanon.


The Vision of the Republican Party of Mt. Lebanon is to be the Leader in terms of Elected Leadership and Voters in Mt. Lebanon and the Party of Choice for all Residents of Mt. Lebanon.


  • To foster the growth and prosperity of all residents of Mt. Lebanon (and our region and country)
  • To support elected leadership in effective and responsible governance
  • To facilitate camaraderie and exchange of ideas among members
  • To encourage and support Republican principles

Committee Members

There are three types of memberships in the Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon:

  1. Elected – These members have circulated nominating petitions to place their name on the ballot and have been elected in a primary election.
  2. Appointed – These members have been appointed to a ward and district by the Chair.
  3. Associate – These are members who have not been assigned to a specific ward and district but would like to assist the committee in volunteer activities.

Read more about the responsibilities of Committee members here.

If you would like to learn more about the RCML, join us for our next meeting as we move Mt. Lebanon forward with Accountability, Solutions, and Leadership.